TROIS International Sdn. Bhd. (TROIS) was incorporated in March 11, 2005. Its’ administration and operation office is located in Selangor, Malaysia.

TROIS International is a leading organization re-defining the beauty and wellness industry.

TROIS is also a entrepreneur development organization that inspires and empowers people to reach out for their dreams. As-to-date, there are 16 approved outlets operating throughout Malaysia.


TROIS’s Natural Extreme Makeover Transformation is 100% authentic and genuine. TROIS has been successfully helping customers morph from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Our Everyday Miracle process is made possible with our signature products and treatments.


At TROIS, getting results by doing the right things and doing it right is of top priority! Our emphasis is on effective correction and prevention, giving new meaning to the rehabilitation, recreation and preservation of well-being.


TROIS has developed an apprentiseship program for individuals who are passionate and would like to build a business career in the Wellness industry. Participation level may start from a “non committal ambassador” to a “proud owner of a full fledge TROIS Wellness Centre” This program has been on mark to create more millionaires in the next 5 years!


TROIS innovation is backed by various renowned R&D centre worldwide to ensure that our products and services and marketing strategy is always a step ahead of competition.


TROIS unique business system provides systematic education and training to equip our merchants on effective retailing business skills. It includes product training, business management, leadership and personal development courses. It helps to increase one’s success rate in business.