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The “Trendy” Life Nowadays!

WWe are the building blocks in the structure of current society. We believe that every single humanare profoundly bearing daily pressure physically as well as mentally in order to perform optimally in both our career and life.

Thus, we should be sensitive with the signals emitted by our body. Our skin is the mirror of our body. Oftenly, we are able to judge that whether is there any functional disorder from someone’s skin complexion.

BBeing a busy ant in career, majority of us forgot to love ourself, especially in terms of balanced diet. Consequently, there will be the rise of indigestion, constipation and gastric problem. Aren’t you?

But, most of us indirectly choose to ignore these symptoms. Day by day, the hurry life pace with inactive daily lifestyle will eventually lead to slowed down body metabolism, whereby the cells facing early aging. As a result, body organs’ age is not match with the real age!

On top of that, there are frequently faced menstrual-related problem such as irregular menstruationand amenorrhea by females. What are the root source of this? Externally, the overwhelming stress from workplace and life along with unbalanced nutrients internally  cause unbalance hormone secretion (estrogen). Estrogen hormone regulation protects bone by ensuring sufficient calcium in bones. The fluctuation of estrogen directly influencing bone health, as well as monthly mood swings during the menstrual cycle.

Ladies and gentlemen, we should start to love ourself!

BeautyEssentials Wellness Programme

The well-formulated “food” for you!

A food for you, a powerful foundation for your daily life!

BeautyEssentials™ Wellness Programme (BeautyEssentials™ Program) will be your best and easiest solution for the rest of your life to complement your unavoidable diet and lifestyle.

What is BeautyEssentials Program?

85 nutrients is all you need, Just Drink It!

BeautyEssentials™ Program is a scientifically advanced orally consume nutrition supplementdeveloped in USA. It contains over 85 specially formulated, all natural nutrients that execute the 3 body’s essential process:


It repairs, rejuvenate and regenerate the basal cells, improve cells metabolism to achieve the real anti-aging, and thus improving and reducing a variety of health and skin problems.

The BeautyEssentials™ Program is not only supported in theory but most importantly proven by results. Testimonial’s result vary upon individual but importantly, all is due to the improved metabolism which enhance the optimum functioning of our body internal organs!

Benefits of BeautyEssentials Program

✔ Aids digestion
✔ Colon cleansing
✔ Restore colon and intestinal flora
✔ Ease constipation
✔ Relieve sore throat and gastritis

✔ Improve blood oxygen level
✔ Promotes healthy heart and blood circulation
✔ Alleviate Hormonal Imbalance
✔ Manage body composition
✔ Mediate nerve and muscle function

✔ Mineralization of bone
✔ Prevent osteoporosis
✔ Relieve Arthritis
✔ Tissue repair and healing of gums

✔ Maintain healthy eyes, hair and skin
✔ Reduce Frequency of Migraine
✔ Boost immune system

✔ Strengthening of collagen and elastin network
✔ Firming and reduce wrinkles
✔ Reduce skin pigmentation
✔ Improve skin texture
✔ Skin brightening

Suggested Usage

2 sachets/daily


Serving size : 20gm

Servings per box : 24 sachets

Usage & Dosage

2 sachets a day, consume 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner. If you overlook to do this, you may take the supplement right after or during your meal.


Mix a sachet of BeautyEssentials™ with 250ml of cold water. Stir and consume immediately.

Product Ingredients

Colostrum Milk Powder • Prebiotics (Fructo-Oligosaccharide) • Isolated Soy Protein • Seaweed Calcium Powder • Fructose • Snow Vanillin Powder • Psyllium Husk • Soy Lecithin • Aloe Vera Powder • Garcinia Cambogia • L-Carnitine • Probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Longum) • Spirulina • Co-Enzyme Q10 • Omega 3 • Omega 6 • Cocoa Powder • Permitted Flavouring

BeautyEssentials - The Nutrition Intervention

The key element in the BeautyEssentials™ Program is the BeautyEssentials™ nutrients pack ; a comprehensive nutritional therapy focusing on the Five Core Pillars that ensures an overall internal health in one comprehensive formula :

Why You Must Choose BeautyEssentials Program?

Nutritionphysiological traffic in our body

neuronHuman body is consisted of innumerable amount of cells. The only food for our cells is the right nutrition. The complete nutrients formulation of BeautyEssentials™ will go to the right place to provide maximum absorption, assimilation and utilization by the body thus producing maximum wellness result differently.

High grade ingredients

The concoction of high grade active ingredients in BeautyEssentials™ have been researched and formulated to work synergistically with each other.

Not a single supplement

iron-supplementOftenly, our health and beauty consciousness made us fit in all sorts of different supplements which might actually burden up our body. Why? Because nutrients have their own friends and enemy. We never know that different quantity of different types of nutrients might undergoing functional antagonism in our body. The comprehensive nutritional approach combination enables BeautyEssentials™ to demonstrate its hallmark result and outstanding health improvement and beauty enhancement.

The ultimate beauty that glows

shutterstock_104473064_640x480When our internal organs are healthy and performing well, it indicates an excellent metabolism and it reflects directly on skin. The first class beauty originate from internal health towards external physical appearance that glows naturally. That’s the secret of younger you!

BeautyEssentials - Nutrients and Functions

BeautyEssentials™ is formulated with essential nutrients required by human to support growth, development, metabolism and health. Deficiency of any nutrients will results in malfunction of body organs. The optimum functioning of human body possess unique healing function which prevent us from illness and early-aging.

Malnutrition of today will cause clinical illness tomorrow ... Slowly ... But Certainly!
  • Colon cleansing
  • Ease constipation
  • Rid excess fat from food intake
  • Good bacteria in colon that helps in food digestion
  • Food for Probiotics
  • Restore colon and intestinal flora
  • Colon detoxification healing
  • Helps in sore throat and gastritis
  • Improve hemoglobin level in red blood cells
  • Improve oxygen uptake in blood
  • Promotes healthy heart and circulatory systems
  • Break down stubborn fat adhere to blood vessels wall
  • Complete protein that regulate secretion and function of human estrogen
  • Stengthening of collagen and elastin beneath skin
  • Firm up  muscle and firming
  • Works synergistically for bone mineralization

Others related vitamins, minerals and enzymes: All these nutrient composition works synergistically to ensure the optimum absorption, assimilation and utilization by body.

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